Journal of Information Technology Theory and Application (JITTA)


Nowadays, even large multinational enterprises must collaborate with other companies when creating and mobilizing new technology applications. They might not possess all the capabilities needed or they might even find it economically unfeasible to internally master all the relevant value activities in a traditional value chain. Thus, new technology business fields are increasingly being formed by networked value systems. However, there are no established management practices on how to instigate and nurture emerging value systems. In this design science research, we will develop and test a repeatable collaboration method for setting up an emerging value system in a new technology field. We will apply collaboration engineering as the design approach and group support systems as a technique when developing our process artefact. The agenda setting is performed collaboratively by finding out the major barriers facing the birth of a new field, and the actions needed to overcome those barriers. We will apply our method to mobile marketing. We found that the use of a carefully designed ICT-enabled collaboration method can facilitate the stakeholders in an emerging field to work together and provide initiatives towards the creation of a new value system. The developed collaboration method is also repeatable and easily transferable to emerging technology-based businesses other than mobile marketing.