Journal of Information Technology Theory and Application (JITTA)


This paper presents a design science research study, which proposes a design for a requirements engineering (RE) procedure for blind users. We motivate the need for the procedure by pointing out that blind users represent a large and growing population of end users, for whom efforts are being made to develop system applications and features and whose preferences need be accommodated in RE methods. We theorize needs for data collection and analysis techniques to accommodate blind users’ limitations in the use of textual and visual media and propose a design. Furthermore, we demonstrate use of the procedure in a requirements engineering effort among users in New Zealand and Germany to develop requirements for mobile service applications and features for blind users and validate its use in a follow-up survey among such users. We present a Virtual Voyager concept service as an outcome of the RE effort. Our theoretical evaluation of the procedure shows that we were able meet most of the requirements for a procedure for blind user requirements engineering. However, we also see that more work should be done in efforts to make the requirements engineering process more accessible to blind users and stakeholders. The proposed procedure should be a beginning for such research efforts.