Journal of Information Technology

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Many academic and practical traditions have been brought to bear upon the field of business information systems in an attempt to understand a rapidly changing subject. The insights provided by traditional disciplines to an essentially multi-disciplinary subject is essential and very healthy. However, there is a danger of proliferating many different, overlapping frameworks of information systems. There is a need to review the frameworks and suggest a way of integrating several approaches. The future research effort depends upon a consistent set of data being available and discussed. This paper reviews previous frameworks used to promote the understanding and discussion of information systems. The one-dimensional approach is rejected in favour of a three-dimensional approach built around three basic questions characterized as the three Ts. What tasks does the information system have to perform? What technology can best deliver the systems? In what timeframe are we operating? The paper concludes by suggesting an integrated taxonomy, based on the three Ts as the basis for future research and discussion.