Journal of Information Technology

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Organizations are transitioning to more flexible and adaptable forms. There is a strategic opportunity for IT that supports the facilitation of change, the building of closer relationships with customers, and the harnessing of human talent. Yet in many organizations there is a gulf of suspicion and misunderstanding between the chief executive and board, and the IT community. There is a requirement for IT professionals, and particularly IT directors, who share the vision of the ‘network organization’, and who can work at board level to bring it about. There is a need for facilitating directors in the boardroom. More IT professionals would secure board appointments if they could demonstrate the skills and qualities needed by a company director. IT directors require directorial qualities which are distinct from those demanded of IT managers. They need a broader, and more strategic awareness and perspective. This article examines the qualities that distinguish directors, and the key issues which should feature on the IT directors agenda. It draws upon three surveys and a report concerning directors and boards, and four organizational surveys.