Journal of Information Technology

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Research Article


This paper aims to provide insights into strategies for teaching information systems. Key strategies discussed include the development and use of computer case studies, interviewing corporate information systems management, use of appropriate guest lecturers, project work within organizations, and research into current technology issues. These strategies arc illustrated with reference to the teaching of two postgraduate subjects. New technology may be appropriated to the teaching of information systems namely the use of Self-Monitoring And Reactive Tutoring Systems (SMARTS). These systems will include elements of intelligent tutoring systems, artificial intelligence, hypermedia, information tracing and students’ thought processes. A framework outlining the objects or elements of a SMART and their relationships is presented as an initial guide to researchers interested in further development of these technologies. Mention is also made of an experiment underway in the USA on customized text book publishing which provides tailored resource material chosen by the lecturer for a particular subject which is then published as the customized text for that subject.