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Every business executive in every industry throughout the world is facing increasing and unrelenting competition. During the past decade this growing competition has brought with it the associated threat of survival of so many enterprises at a time when we are also experiencing the effects of a new industrial revolution created by the continuing and rapid advancements in information technology. In this paper we present the argument that the key to corporate success is associated with the development of the effective management of IT. The expenditures involved are now so large that they must be the concern of the Chief Executive Officer of the company. But, as we demonstrate, this is not the current situation in many organizations. The challenge of the ‘90s will be to integrate in an effective manner, the corporate business strategy with the increasing use of IT. In many cases, it will require a new style of management, but for those organizations who do not make this change, their corporate prosperity may be at stake. This paper sets out my personal view on this major issue, which was presented on the 23 April 1990, as the British Computer Society 1990 Jubilee lecture and sponsored by Computer Weekly.