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The DP/MIS function has traditionally been concerned with the acquisition, manipulation and delivery of internally generated data. Typical reporting systems are unable to cope with a mixture of short term control information and broad strategic information, as well as information generated from external sources. The move to a distributed environment has led to a need for the management of information flows, and specifically with the management of integrated data, often directed at the very top levels of management. There has been a recognition of the need for a formal information management programme and in response to this a new type of information professional is emerging - one trained specifically in the management of information as a corporate resource. This person may well have different skills from a systems analyst, possibly more oriented towards improving the efficiency of operational procedures. The information management profession must understand the technology, especially in the communications area, must be able to sell to and educate at various management levels and be able to formulate and implement a plan for increasing the effectiveness of the use of the information resource.