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Jeff Jenkins,
Miguel Aguirre-Urreta,
Dezhi Wu,

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Friday, August 16th

Adoption of Industrial Augmented Reality: A Meta-Analysis

Rami Mohamed Latreche, University of Sherbrooke
Elaine Mosconi, Université de Sherbrooke
Charles Gouin-Vallerand, Université de Sherbrooke

AI helps, doesn’t it: The Impact of AI on Soft Skills

Stella Tomasi, Towson University
Jeanny Liu, University of La Verne
Li Sun, Towson University

Corrupted by Greed: Developer Profit Orientation as a Signal of Fairness and Transparency in AI Systems

Uwe Messer, Universität der Bundeswehr München

DART: A Detection Audiovisual Review Tool Supporting AI Implementation in Bioacoustics

Benjamin X. Hou, Dakota State University
manuel castellote, University of Washington
Arial Brewer, University of Washington

Detecting Social Desirability Bias in Polls: A Digital Behavioral Biometric Approach

Paul A. Weisgarber, University of Arizona
Joseph S. Valacich, University of Arizona
Jeff Jenkins, BYU
David Wilson, Brigham Young University
David Kim, University of Arizona
Manasvi Kumar, Northeastern University

Effects of AI Interview System Anthropomorphism and Social Power on Candidates' Attitudes Toward Firm

RUWEN TIAN, City University of Hong Kong
David (Jingjun) Xu, City University of Hong Kong
Marius Claudy, University College Dublin

Exploring the influencing factors on continuous usage intention of mobile government from trust and self-regulation perspective

Ting Chen, Central China Normal University
Shubin Zhou, School of Information Management Central China Normal University
Yongdi Zhu, School of Information Management, Central China Normal University
Yaoqing Duan, Central China Normal University

Gamification in ERP Systems: A Study on Intrinsic Motivation and User Behavioral Intentions

Esi Adeborna, University of Massachusettes Lowell
Fiona Nah, City University of Hong Kong
Luvai F. Motiwalla, U MASS Lowell

How Can Users Maintain Self-Determination in AI Recommender Systems? The Role of Explainable AI (XAI)

YoungHo Yoon, University of Massachusetts Boston
One-Ki Daniel Lee, University of Massachusetts Boston
WU HAOXI, Chonnam National Univesity
Joon Koh, CNU

Insert-expansions for Large Language Model Agents

Andreas Göldi, University of St.Gallen
Roman Rietsche, Institute for Digital Technology Management

Nuisance Letters? E-Mail Newsletters, Privacy, and the Market for Data

Katharina Hartinger, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
Emmanuel Syrmoudis, Technical University of Munich
Alexander Benedikt Wolfram, Catholic University of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt
Maximilian Josef Frank, Technical University of Munich
Jens Grossklags, Technical University of Munich

Thank you, Helen: A Review of Anthropomorphism of AI-Enabled Technologies

Margaret K. Barbieri, Washington State University
Richard Johnson, Washington State University

The Evolving Meaning of Trust and Risk in Reddit Discourse about ChatGPT

David Gefen, Drexel University
Shahin Jabbari, Drexel University
Rezvaneh (Shadi) Rezapour, Drexel University
Aria Pessianzadeh, Drexel University
Kshitij Kayastha, Drexel University
Hilde Van Den Bulck, Drexel University

Towards Trust in Automation: Preliminary Discussions

Yuzhu Li, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth