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Friday, August 16th

A Framework for Classifying Exogenous Drivers of IT Investment - Conceptualizing Macroeconomic Shocks to IT Investment

Maria Paula Diaz Campo, Florida International University
Amin Shoja, Florida International University
George M. Marakas, Florida International University
Alfred Castillo, Florida International University

Another Look at the Nature of Theory in Information Systems

Nik Rushdi Hassan, University of Minnesota Duluth

Big data analytics system implementation and market responsiveness: Role of exploitative and explorative business capabilities

Yi-Ming Tai, National Pingtung University
Yi-Cheng Ku, Fu Jen Catholic University
Shu-Chiung Lin, Tatung University

Digital Sustainability: An Integrative Review and Research Impact Framework

Leora Owsiany, Smith School of Business at Queen's University
Kathryn Brohman, Queen's University

Enhancing environmental literacy through urban technology-based learning. The PULA app case

Ewa Duda, Maria Grzegorzewska University
Helena Anacka, Gdansk University of Technology
Hanna Obracht-Prondzyńska, University of Gdańsk
Hanne Cecilie Geirbo, Oslo Metropolitan University
Jolanta Kowal, University of Wrocław

Hierarchical Taxonomies in Information Systems

Robert Nickerson, San Francisco State University
Upkar Varshney, GSU
Jan Muntermann, University of Augsburg
Dennis Kundisch, Paderborn University

Please Help: The Effect of (Im)polite Language on Educational Crowdfunding Success

Yasamin Hadavi, Baylor University
Xunyi Wang, Baylor University
Robin Wakefield, Baylor University
Stacie Petter, Wake Forest University

Social Media Impact on FEMA Funding Programs

Hossein Arjmandi, University of Georgia
Xia Zhao, University of Georgia

The Role of Artificial Intelligence Technologies in Reducing Physician Burnout

Sagnika Sen, Pennsylvania State University
Kaushik Ghosh, Suffolk University
Michael Dohan, Lakehead University

Unlocking the Search: Exploring the Role of Cognitive Capacity and Task Complexity

Arman Ghafoori, Florida International University
Miguel Ignacio Aguirre-Urreta, Florida International University
Amin Shoja, Florida International University

“We Can’t Help You – It’s Not Criminal”: Revealing Barriers to Reporting Cyberstalking through a Focal Concerns Perspective

Kira Gedris, Virginia Tech
Anthony Vance, Virginia Tech