Systems analysis involves examining business problems (opportunities) and identifying possible solutions, whereas systems design includes the identification, specification, and implementation of an information technology solution. The combined field of Systems Analysis and Design (SAND) deals with all issues related to the development of systems and, as such, is of central importance to the Information Systems discipline, including understanding how businesses can create value with new digital technologies. The SIGSAND track provides a forum for discussing research related to systems development tools, methodologies and other activities throughout the systems development life cycle (SDLC). This includes requirements determination, modeling techniques and languages, agile systems development practices, empirical evaluation of analysis and design methods, user involvement in systems development, open source development, design of systems architecture, and other technical and organizational issues in systems development.

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Monday, August 10th
12:00 AM

A Conceptual Model of Data-Driven Solutions

Daniel Burkhardt, Ferdinand-Steinbeis-Institute
Heiner Lasi, Ferdinand Steinbeis Institut

12:00 AM

A Taxonomy of Software Delivery Performance Profiles: Investigating the Effects of DevOps Practices

Nicole Forsgren, GitHub
Marcus A. Rothenberger, University of Nevada Las Vegas
Jez Humble, Google LLC
Jason B. Thatcher, Temple University
Dustin Smith, Google LLC

12:00 AM


adarsh kumar kakar, Alabama State University

12:00 AM

All Together Now: A Framework for Research on Mob Programming

Wallace Chipidza, Claremont Graduate University
Watanyoo Suksa-ngiam, Claremont Graduate University
Mark S. Kim, Claremont Graduate University
Frank H. Moss, Claremont Graduate University
Kimani Mbugua, Claremont Graduate University
Lorne Olfman, Claremont Graduate University
Terry Ryan, Claremont Graduate University

12:00 AM

Antecedents of Product Owner Preference for Agile Software Development

Dave Bishop, Dakota State University
Pam Rowland, Dakota State University
Cherie Bakker Noteboom, Dakota State University

12:00 AM

Continuous Transition from Model-Driven Prototype to Full-Size Real-World Enterprise Information Systems

Arkadii Gerasimov, RWTH Aachen University
Judith Michael, RWTH Aachen University
Lukas Netz, Chair of Software Engineering
Bernhard Rumpe, RWTH Aachen University
Simon Varga, RWTH Aachen University

12:00 AM

Effective Presentation of Ontological Overlap and Conceptual Model Comprehension

Djordje Djurica, Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Wien)
Jan Mendling, Vienna University of Economics and Business

12:00 AM

Process and Tool Support for Integration of Privacy Aspects in Agile Software Engineering

Dominik Huth, Technical University of Munich
Andreas Both, DATEV eG
Jeffrey Ahmad, DATEV eG
Gerhard Sauer, DATEV eG
Fatih Yilmaz, Technical University of Munich
Florian Matthes, Technical University of Munich

12:00 AM


Mason C. Brown, Griffith University
Sharmistha Dey, Griffith University
Gervase Tuxworth, Griffith University

12:00 AM