This track proposes to continue and extend the past tracks on philosophical approaches to Information Systems. Interest in this field appears to be growing, as shown by the filled workshop and the two panels at this year’s AMCIS. In addition to the mini-tracks proposed for this year, we would like to organize a panel to consider how social media influences people’s beliefs and behaviors.

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Monday, August 10th
12:00 AM

Algorithmic neutrality, algorithmic assemblages, and the lifeworld

Howard Rosenbaum, Indiana University

12:00 AM

Asterisms: A Metaphor for Information Systems Interdisciplinary Relationships

Jan Hendrik Kroeze, University of South Africa (Science Campus)

12:00 AM

Platforms and the Public Sphere

Eleanor Wynn, Ronin Institute
Helena Vallo Hult, University West, School of Business, Economics and IT

12:00 AM

Sentiment Analysis of UAE Social Media: Some Philosophical Issues

Hind Yousif Sahoo, Abu Dhabi University
Vlad Krotov, Murray State University

12:00 AM

Technology as a mediator in the social context: The reframing of mobile technology in Deaf culture

Alan Litchfield, Auckland University of Technology

12:00 AM

Understanding microfoundations of IT capability using anthropologic heuristics

Yevgen Bogodistov, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
Jürgen Moormann, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

12:00 AM