In today’s highly competitive marketplace, organizations continue to look for ways to make the most of their projects. Information technology (IT) projects specifically continue to face challenges related to uncertainty and changing technology. IT projects have become notorious for high failure rates, significant cost and/or budget overruns. Both research and anecdotal evidence suggests that many IT projects struggle to meet functionality and quality targets. Research has identified multiple reasons for these challenges in IT projects, such as: project escalation, poor risk management, failure to manage user expectations, poor software development or project management processes, or inability to learn from past mistakes and successes. The insights gained from research in this area are often highly relevant to practice and can offer new contributions to existing theory. As a research community, there is still much to be learned and discussed about improving success rates for IT projects. This track welcomes papers that address a diverse range of topics related to IT project management.

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Monday, August 10th
12:00 AM

A Multilevel Model for Individual Creativity and Innovative Behavior in Software Development

Yumeng Miao, Xidian University
Rong Du, Xidian University
Veda C. Storey, Georgia State University

12:00 AM

Critical Success Factors in Agile Management: Insights for Large-Scale Interdisciplinary Projects from an Exploratory Single Case Study

Phil Hennel, University of Cologne
Michael Dobmeier, University of Cologne

12:00 AM

Developing and Managing Open Source Enterprise Systems through Open Superposition: A Digital Options and Technical Debt Perspective

Peiwei Li, Georgia State University
Likoebe M. Maruping, Georgia State University
Lars Mathiassen, Georgia State University

12:00 AM

Exploration and exploitation of an IS in the engineering projects automotive industry: a synthesis of a clinical research

Wilfrid Azan, Université de Lyon II
Olivier Rolland, University of Strasbourg
Sylvester Ivanaj, ICN Business School

12:00 AM

Managing Code Debt in Open Source Software Development Projects: A Digital Options Perspective

Yukun Yang, Georgia State University
Maheshwar Boodraj, Georgia State University

12:00 AM

On-Demand Intelligent Resource Assessment and Allocation System Using NLP for Project Management

Gaurav Shekhar, The University of Texas at Dallas
Sourabh Bodkhe, The University of Texas at Dallas
Kevin Fernandes, The University of Texas at Dallas

12:00 AM

Personal Extreme Programming: Exploring Developers’ Adoption

Gloria Ejehiohen Iyawa, Sheffield Hallam University

12:00 AM

Project Management Changes in Digital Transformation

Yuzhu Li, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Sheng-Pao Shih, Tamkang University

12:00 AM