The acknowledgement that theory in Information Systems is fundamental to the field. Theory is foundational to method and praxis in Information Systems research, for example, Gregor (2006) describes five theories for analysis, explanation, prediction, explanation and prescription, design and action. Such theories provide a framework through which IS epistemology is understood and selected. The research fields in Information Systems are founded on theories that have been tested over time. The Foundations mini-track provides the mechanism for disciplinary introspection and assessment thus allowing a field to come to a better understanding of itself and its purpose. This popular mini-track provides a forum for every subfield in IS to analyze and re-examine its philosophical and ethical foundations of their subfield in light of exciting developments overtaking the IS field. All our research is based on some philosophical foundations whether we acknowledge them or not. This mini-track provides IS subfields cause to pause and reflect whether or not they have successfully contributed to the progress and stewardship of their domain such that the IS field can truly meet the needs of society. We invite papers that discuss philosophical aspects of the IS field from all IS domains, and from all angles and levels of inquiry. Such an approach became the motivation behind the founding of many disciplines from modern linguistics, modern anthropology to political science, sociology and quantum physics.

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SNS-induced negative emotions and discontinuance decisions

Jobany Rico, Florida International University