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Thursday, August 16th
12:00 AM

A Recommender System for Cultural Restaurants Based on Review Factors and Review Sentiment

Sonya Zhang, Cal Poly Pomona
Mohammad Salehan, Cal Poly Pomona
Andrew Leung, Cal Poly Pomona
Ishmene Cabral, Cal Poly Pomona
Navid Aghakhani, University of Tennessee Chattanooga

12:00 AM

A Study of News Credibility and Trust on Social Media – A Multi-Cultural Evaluation

Mohammadreza Mousavizadeh, Western Michigan University
Bidyut Hazarika, Western Michigan University
Alan Rea, Western Michigan University

12:00 AM

Audience Evaluation and Biometric Technology: Challenges and Opportunities

Andrea North-Samardzic, Deakin University

12:00 AM

Effects of Occupational Culture of IT Professionals on Job Satisfaction in Japan

Osam Sato, Tokyo Keizai University
Prashant Palvia, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Tim Jacks, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Hiroshi Sasaki, Rikkyo University

12:00 AM

Electronic Performance Monitoring Friend or Foe: Empowering Employees through Data Analytics

Karma Sherif, Qatar University
Omolola Jewisimi, Indiana State University

12:00 AM

Examining Internet Behavior of Young Technology-Literate Consumers in India

Narasimha Rao Vajjhala, American University of Nigeria
Kenneth David Strang, State University of New York, Plattsburgh

12:00 AM

Incorporating Culture into The Theory of IT Affordances

Jobany Rico, PhD student, Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics, FIU
Weidong Xia, Associate Professor, Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics, FIU

12:00 AM

Web-Image Signifier Congruency Theory (WISC): Conceptualization and Examination in an Online Donation Context

Gaurav Bansal, University of Wisconsin -Green Bay
Wenkai Zhou, University of Wisconsin -Green Bay

12:00 AM