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Thursday, August 10th
12:00 AM

Affordances Of Eco-Feedback Design in Home Energy Context

MARLEN PROMANN, Purdue Univeristy
Sabine Brunswicker, Purdue University

12:00 AM

An Empirical Investigation of Sustainability Innovation Systems and the Stages of Sustainability Maturity

Thomas Abraham, Kean University
Viet Dao, Shippensburg University

12:00 AM

Benchmarking Big Data Technologies for Energy Procurement Efficiency

Manuel Fritz, University of Stuttgart
Simon Albrecht, University of Freiburg
Holger Ziekow, Furtwangen University
Jens Strüker, Fresenius University of Applied Sciences

12:00 AM

Estimation of Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Potential: A Systematic Literature Review and Guidelines for Future Research

YAZEED ALSUHAIBANY, Claremont Graduate University
Yan Li, CGU

12:00 AM

Green IT Practices across Industries: A Text-Mining based Analysis

Qi Deng, Carleton University
Shaobo Ji, Carleton University
Yun Wang, Carleton University

12:00 AM

Sustainable Development through Holistic Multi-Paradigmatic Integrated Modeling and Decision Making

Minh Do, University of Auckland
Valeria Sadovykh, PriceWaterhouseCoopers
David Sundaram, University of Auckland

12:00 AM