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A Method for Extracting Task-related Information from Social Media based on Structured Domain Knowledge

Shabdiz Ghasemivandhonaryar, University of Münster
Bernd Hellingrath, University of Münster
Flavio Horita, University of São Paulo
Daniel Link, University of Münster
Joao Porto de Albuquerque, University of Sao Paulo

A Study of Emergent Norm Formation in Online Crowds

Nargess Tahmasbi, University of Nebraska Omaha
Gert Jan De Vreede, University of Nebraska, Omaha

An Overview of Topic Discovery in Twitter Communication through Social Media Analytics

Andrey Chinnov, University of Münster
Pascal Kerschke, University of Münster
Christian Meske, University of Duisburg-Essen
Stefan Stieglitz, University of Duisburg-Essen
Heike Trautmann, University of Münster

Differentiated Sentiment Analysis of Corporate Social Media Accounts

Marten Risius, Goethe University Frankfurt
Fabian Akolk, Goethe University Frankfurt

Enterprise Social Networks: A Successful Implementation within a Telecommunication Company

Christie Pei-Yee Chin, University of South Australia
Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo, University of South Australia
Nina Evans, University of South Australia

Examining the Causality Loop between Online Reviews and Consumer Acquisition – a Granger Causality Study from YouTube

Jie Ren, Fordham University
Jie Ren, Stevens Institute of Technology

Social Software for Product Development - Explorative Study on Influencing Factors and related Challenges

Sebastian Rohmann, University of Goettingen
Sara Heuschneider, University of Goettingen
Matthias Schumann, University of Goettingen

Tell Me What to Do! Computer-Synthesized Speech as a Persuasive Technology in the Context of Online Reviews.

Marcin Bartosiak, University of Pavia
Gabriele Piccoli, Louisiana State University

The Impact of Technology Support for Contextualization and Media System Dependency on Enterprise Social Media Use

Xiayu Chen, University of Science and Technology of China & City University of Hong Kong Joint Advanced Research Centre
Robert Davison, City University of Hong Kong
Qian Huang, University of Science and Technology of China