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A Competence-Focused Assessment Framework for Project Management Certifications

Andreas Drechsler, University of Duisburg-Essen
Timur Sati, University of Duisburg-Essen

Ensuring ERP Projects Achievement through Legitimating Practices

Emmanuel HOUZE, Montpellier University
Liette Lapointe, McGill University
Régis MEISSONIER, Montpellier Business School
Régis MEISSONIER, Montpellier University

Inter-Organizational Information and Middleware System Projects: Success, Failure, Complexity, and Challenges

Rad Jrad, University of Auckland
David Sundaram, University of Auckland

Leading Agile Teams: An Exploratory Study of Leadership Styles in Agile Software Development

Yide Shen, Rowan University
Peng Xu, University of Massachusetts Boston

Pulling the Outside In: A Transactional Cost Perspective on IT Insourcing

Carolina Salge, University of Georgia

The Influence of IT Project Manager Competencies on Team Commitment

Cintia Araújo, Nove de Julho University
Cristiane Pedron, Nove de Julho University
Filipe Quevedo, Nove de Julho University

The Intention to Re-Adopt Collaboration and Communication Technologies by Project Teams

Thomas Case, Georgia Southern University
Michael Cuellar, Georgia Southern University
Manouchehr Tabatabaei, Georgia Southern University

Web 2.0 Technologies in Project Management: A Proposal of a Benefits Dependency Network

Marcirio Chaves, Nove de Julho University
Marcirio Chaves, Nove de Julho University - UNINOVE
Cristiane Pedron, Nove de Julho University - UNINOVE