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A data driven framework for early prediction of customer response to promotions

Wolfgang Jank, University of South Florida
UTKARSH SHRIVASTAVA, University of South Florida Tampa

A Postcode not for Post

Andrea Berger, University College Dublin
Peter Keenan, University College Dublin
Gianluca Miscione, University College Dublin

A Recommender System for Two-sided Markets: Understanding Customers Sentiment in Social Networks

You You Tao, Georgia State University
Veda Storey, Georgia State University

A Stakeholder Lens on Metadata Management in Business Intelligence and Big Data – Results of an Empirical Investigation

Barbara Dinter, Chemnitz University of Technology
Peter Gluchowski, Chemnitz University of Technology
Christian Schieder, Chemnitz University of Technology

A Study of Search Attention and Stock Returns Cross Predictability

Ashish Agarwal, The University of Texas at Austin
Prabhudev Konana, The University of Texas at Austin
Alok Kumar, University of Miami
Alvin Leung, City University of Hong Kong

Active Learning for the Automation of Medical Systematic Review Creation

Omar El-Gayar, Dakota State University
Jun Liu, Dakota State University
prem timsina, Dakota State University

Adapting CRISP-DM Process for Social Network Analytics: Application to Healthcare

Daniel Asamoah, Wright State University
Ramesh Sharda, Oklahoma State University

Adaptive Advertisement Recommender Systems for Digital Signage

Sanjay Addicam, Intel Corporation
Sule Balkan, National Chiao Tung University
Mustafa Baydogan, Boğaziçi University

An Approach to Satisfy Managerial Awareness of Strategic Events in the Field of M-Commerce

Carsten Brockmann, Uni Potsdam
Eldar Sultanow, XQS Service GmbH
Renee Pratt, Washington and Lee University
Norbert Gronau, University of Potsdam

Analytical Analysis of Educational Apps for Young Children: An Exploratory Study

NITIN WALIA, Ashland University

Analytics for Good: Predicting Secondary Education Attainment with Text Analytics

Shawn Bergman, Appalachian State University
Joseph Cazier, Appalachian State University
Jonathan Powers, Appalachian State University

Analytics Governance: Towards a Definition and Framework

Atiya Avery, University of Illinois at Chicago
Kyle Cheek, University of Illinois at Chicago

Applying Business Analytic Methods To Improve Organizational Performance In The Public School System

Joseph Cazier, Appalachian State University
Thomas Cech, Appalachian State University
Trent Spaulding, Appalachian State University

Assessing Healthcare Accessibility Algorithms: A Comprehensive Investigation of Two-Step Floating Catchment Methodologies Family

Au Vo, Claremont Graduate University
Miloslava Plachkinova, Claremont Graduate University
Rahul Bhaskar, California State University - Fullerton

Big Data Ecosystem: Network Analysis and Community Structure Detection

Bongsug(Kevin) Chae, Kansas State University

Big Data: The Structure and Value of Big Data Analytics

Hak Kim, Hofstra University

Competitive Analytics of Multi-channel Advertising and Consumer Inertia

Yiyi Li, UT Dallas
Ying Xie, UT Dallas
Eric Zheng, University of Texas at Dalals

Enabling Self-Service BI through a Dimensional Model Management Warehouse

Karen Corral, Boise State University
David Schuff, Temple University
Greg Schymik, Grand Valley State University
Robert St. Louis, Arizona State University

Enhancing Organizational Performance through Event-based Process Predictions

Julian Krumeich, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)
Peter Loos, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)
Dirk Werth, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)

Environmental Scanning and Business Insight Capability:_x000D_ The Role of Business Analytics and Knowledge Integration

Brent Gallupe, Queen's University
Jinglu Jiang, HEC Montreal
Jinglu Jiang, HEC Montréal

Evaluation of Augmented Reality Systems for the Enhancement of Voluntary Geographic Information

Olayele Adelakun, DePaul University
Robert Garcia, DePaul University

Examining Competitive Intelligence Using External and Internal Data Sources: A Text Mining Approach

Subhasish Dasgupta, George Washington University
Yuan Xue, the George Washington Univ
Yilu Zhou, Fordham University

Exploring Mechanisms in Tacit Knowledge Externalization: Preliminary Findings from Participatory Agricultural Innovation Practices in Ethiopia

Getahun Semeon, Addis Ababa University
Monica Garfield, Bentley University
Million Meshesha, Addis Ababa University

Exploring the Future Shape of Business Intelligence: Mapping Dynamic Capabilities of Information Systems to Business Intelligence Agility

Tobias Knabke, University of Duisburg-Essen
Sebastian Olbrich, University of Duisburg-Essen

Factors Contributing to Business Intelligence Success: The Impact of Dynamic Capabilities

Elizabeth Baker, University of North Carolina, Wilmington
Lewis Chasalow, Lebanon Valley College

GIS, Big Data, and a Tweet Corpus Operationalized via Natural Language Processing

Kareem Alsudais, Claremont Graduate University
Anthony Corso, California Baptist University

Impacts of Big Data Analytics on Organizations: A Resource Fit Perspective

Maryam Ghasemaghaei, McMaster University
Khaled Hassanein, McMaster University
Ofir Turel, California State University, Fullerton

Improving Consulting Processes in Web Analytics: A Framework for Multichannel Analytics

Yves Studer, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland
Uwe Leimstoll, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland

Information Processing and Stock Market Volatility - Evidence from Real Estate Investment Trusts

Jan-Otto Jandl, University of Cambridge
Jan-Otto Jandl, University of Freiburg

Intra-Organizational Boundary Spanning: A Machine Learning Approach

Charles Steinfield, Michigan State University
Wietske Van Osch, Michigan State University
Yanjie Zhao, Michigan State University

Location-Based Mobile Applications Usage Behavior: Beware the Power of the Dark Side

Mehrdad Koohikamali, University of North Texas
Dan Peak, University of North Texas

Managing Big Data for Firm Performance: a Configurational Approach

LeeAnn Kung, Rowan University
Hsiang-Jui Kung, Georgia Southern University
Allison Jones-Farmer, Miami University
YiChuan Wang, Auburn University

Mobile Business Intelligence Usage Patterns

Olgerta Tona, Lund University

Money Talks: A Predictive Model on Crowdfunding Success Using Project Description

Qianzhou Du, Virginia Tech
Weiguo Fan, Virginia Tech
Zhilei Qiao, Virginia Tech
Gang Wang, Virginia Tech
Xuan Zhang, Virginia Tech
Mi Zhou, Virginia Tech

Predicting Opinion Leaders in Word-of-Mouth Communities

Gelareh Towhidi, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Atish P. Sinha, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Price Trend Forecasting Through Textual Data

Carsten Felden, Technical University Freiberg
Marco Pospiech, Technical University Freiberg

Responding to Customer Demand: Investigating Customer Agility of Financial Institutions

Janek Benthaus, Goethe University
Felix Neufeld, London School of Economics

Shaping Problems, Not Decisions:When Decision Makers Leverage Visual Analytics

Brian Williams, Case Western Reserve University
Richard Boland Jr., Case Western Reserve University
Kalle Lyytinen, Case Western Reserve University

The Conceptualization of Data-driven Decision Making Capability

Lin Jia, Beijing Institute of Technology
Dianne Hall, Auburn University
Jiahe Song, Auburn University

Towards A Process View on Critical Success Factors in Big Data Analytics Projects

Jing Gao, University of South Australia
Andy Koronios, University of South Australia
Sven Selle, University of South Australia

Users’ Continuance Participation in the Online Peer-to-peer Healthcare Community: A Text Mining Approach

Jun Liu, Dakota State University
Yanyan Shang, Dakota State University

What's Trending in Social Media Analytics Area? A Retrospective

Sven Carlsson, Informatics
Saonee Sarker, University of Virginia McIntire School of Commerce
Styliani Zafeiropoulou, Lund University School of Economics and Management