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An Information System Framework and Prototype for Collaborative and Standardized Chinese Liquor Production

Can Yang
E.W.T. Ngai
ZX Guo
Li Luo

Evaluating Platform Business Models in the Telecommunications Industry via Framework-based Case Studies of Cloud and Smart Home Service Platforms

Hannes Kübel
Rüdiger Zarnekow

Impact of Online Customer Reviews and Incentives on the Product Sales at the Online Retail Store: An Empirical Study at

J.B. Kim

Joint Effect of Organizational Identity and Trust on ERP Implementation Success: A Longitudinal Case Study

Andrew Edwards

Pricing Quality Attributes of Internet Domain Names: A Hedonic Model for Words

Thies Lindenthal
Claudia Loebbecke

RFID Adoption and Productivity Growth in U.S. Retail Supply Chains

seungjae shin
Burak Eksiouglu

Social Media Communication in European Airlines

Julian Bühler
Merret Lauritzen
Markus Bick

Social Shopping: The Use of Online Social Networks to Support Shopping-oriented Decision Making

Wen Chien Ng
Gabrielle Peko
David Sundaram

Software Ecosystem Orchestration: The Perspective of Complementors

Theresa Rickmann
Stefan Wenzel
Kai Fischbach

The Effect of Technology Usage Habits on Consumers’ Intention to Continue Use Mobile Payments

Lin Jia
Dianne Hall
Shiwei Sun

The State of the Art on Process Virtualization: A Literature Review

Bilal Balci

Towards a Business Model Framework for E-learning Companies

Christina Di Valentin
Dirk Werth
Peter Loos

Virtual Team Performances in Crowdsourcing Contests

Indika Dissanayake
Jennifer Zhang
Bin Gu

Website Functions and Shopping Strategies: Ontological Framework and Synthesis

Amer Aljarallah
Arkalgud Ramaprasad