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A Comprehensive Framework for Comparing System Security Assessment Methods

Tianxi Dong
Surya Yadav

A Database-driven Model for Risk Assessment

John Pardue
Jeffrey Landry
Shweta Purawat

A Framework for Examining the Human Side of Anti-Forensic Measures

Jason Nikolai
Yong Wang
Raj Nepali

A Self-Regulatory Approach to Behavioral Compliance with IS Security Policies – “Come on, Baby, do the Locomotion”

Michaela Luecke
Judith Simon

Archetypes to Inform Information Security: The Organization Man and the Innovator

Rahul Singh
Jeffrey Wall
Gurpreet Dhillon

Communication Privacy Management in the Digital Age – Effects of General and Situational Privacy Concerns

Sabrina Hauff
Daniel Veit

Do it OR ELSE! Exploring the Effectiveness of Deterrence on Employee Compliance with Information Security Policies

Sal Aurigemma
Tom Mattson

Effects of IT-Culture Conflict and User Dissatisfaction on Information Security Policy Non-Compliance: A Sensemaking Perspective

Kuo-chung Chang
Yoke May Seow

Information Security & Insider Threats in Small Medical Practices

Nancy Martin
Thomas Imboden

Information Systems Security Training in Organizations: Andragogical Perspective

Patrick Offor
Gurvirender Tejay

Information Technology Security (ITSec): The Effects of SIEM Technology in Monitoring Employee Computer Use

Roberto Sandoval

Insider Espionage: Recognizing Ritualistic Behavior by Abstracting Technical Indicators from Past Cases

Michele Maasberg

News Media Sentiment of Data Breaches

Griselda Sinanaj

Privacy Momentum: A New Contextually Dynamic Conceptualization of Privacy

Caleb Bradberry
Hamid Nemati

Protection Motivation Driven Security Learning

Yi Ding
Peter Meso
Shuting Xu

Putting the ‘Motivation’ in Protection Motivation Theory: An Examination of Persuasive Communication via Extrinsic and Intrinsic Means

Philip Menard

Risks versus Rewards: Understanding the Predictors of Music Piracy

Sandra Vannoy
Dawn Medlin
charlie chen

SocBridge: Bridging the gap between Online Social Networks

Raj Nepali
Yong Wang

The Challenges of Implementing Standards Based Information Security within Family Influenced Firms: A Proposed Research Agenda

James Smith

The Effects of Salience, Deterrence, and Social Influence on Software Piracy: A Proposed Experimental Study

Marton Gergely
V. Rao

The Impact of Computer Monitoring on Policy Compliance: An Agency and Stewardship View

Nirmalee Ratnamalala
Kent Marett

The Role of Punishment and Task Dissonance in Information Security Policies Compliance

Mohammad Merhi
Punit Ahluwalia

Understanding Internet Abuses at Work Using Extended Rational Choice Theory

Han Li
Xin Luo
Jie Zhang
Rathindra Sarathy