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Around the World Business Process Education and Research has taken off. Except in the USA. Why?

Jeff Howells, University of Georgia
Robert P. Bostrom, University of Georgia
Rui Dinis Sousa, University of Minho
Barbara Weber, University of Innsbruck
Richard Welke, Georgia State University

Build Your Dream (not just Big) Analytics Program

Shu Schiller, Wright State University - Main Campus
Michael Goul, Arizona State University
Lakshmi Iyer, Univeristy of North Carolina at Greensboro
Ramesh Sharda
David Schrader, Teradata

Industry-Academic Partnerships that are Leading to Increased Enrollments in IT Professional Programs

Jack D. Becker, University of North Texas
Mary Sumner, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Jana Markowitz, SIM Management Council

So … Thinking of Retiring?

Douglas R. Vogel
Rolf Wigand, University of Arkansas - Little Rock
Ephraim R. McLean, Georgia State University
Robert P. Bostrom, University of Georgia

The Historical Development of Industries’ and Practice’s Influence on the IS Discipline

Ping Zhang, Syracuse University
Jerry Luftman, Global Institute for IT Management LLC
Ephraim R. McLean, Georgia State University
Hugh Watson, University of Georgia