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A Comparison of IT Governance & Control Frameworks in Cloud Computing

Jack Becker
Elana Bailey

An Individual’s Views of the Right to Privacy of Other Individuals, Companies, and Governments: A Theoretical Perspective

Justin Giboney
David Wilson
Alexandra Drucikova

Bridging the Air Gap: Inaudible Data Exfiltration by Insiders

Samuel O'Malley
Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo

Broken Windows, Bad Passwords: Influencing Secure User Behavior via Website Design

Mark Grimes
Jim Marquardson
Jay Nunamaker

Critical Success Factors Analysis on Effective Information Security Management: A Literature Review

Zhiling Tu
Yufei Yuan

Data Privacy in Cloud Computing – An Empirical Study in the Financial Industry

Olga Wenge
Ulrich Lampe
Alexander Müller
Ralf Schaarschmidt

Extending the Cloud with Fog: Security Challenges & Opportunities

Jordan Shropshire

Forensic Analysis of Windows Thumbcache files

Darren Quick
Christopher Tassone
Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo

Information Security in Value Chains: A Governance Perspective

Ravi Patnayakuni
Nainika Patnayakuni

INFOSEC in a Basket, 2004-2013

Mark-David McLaughlin
Janis Gogan

Insider Privacy Breach and Trust Restoration: Is the CEO’s Gender as Important as the CEO’s Response?

Gaurav Bansal

Out-Of-Class Learning: A Pedagogical Approach of Promoting Information Security Education

Hwee-Joo Kam
Pairin Katerattanakul

Rethinking Security Incident Response: The Integration of Agile Principles

George Grispos
William Glisson
Tim Storer

Understanding the Information Security Awareness Process in Real Estate Organizations Using the SECI Model

Deepa Mani
Sameera Mubarak
Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo