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A National Patient-Centered E-Health Solution – The Experience from Down Under To-Date with the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR)

Imran Muhammad

A Study of the Issues of E-Health Care in Developing Countries: The Case of Ghana

Rudolph Bedeley
Prashant Palvia

Acceptance of Mobile Health Technology in the Value Chain [Research-in-Progress]

Tridib Bandyopadhyay
Bahman Zadeh

Barriers for Breast Cancer (BC) Patients in Rural Bangladesh: Design and Deployment of a Mobile based Solution

Md Haque
Ferdaus Kawsar
Md Adibuzzaman
Md Uddin

Decreasing Waiting Times with Human and Equipment Resources: Study of the Labor and Delivery Department with the use of Computer Simulation

Candice Vander Weerdt

Design of the Feedback Engine for a Diabetes Self-care Smartphone App

Diane Strong
Bengisu Tulu
Emmanuel Agu
Steve (Qian) He

EHR Implementations in Healthcare Practices: Lessons from Two Case Studies

Mayda Alrige
Abdulkareem Alsudais
Miloslava Plachkinova
Samir Chatterjee

Financial Incentives for Medication Adherence: Literature Survey and IT-enabled Solution

Alan Yang, Georgia State University
Smita Varshney, Georgia State University

Information Technology for Evidence Based Medicine: Status and Future Direction

prem timsina
Omar El-Gayar
Nevine Nawar

Investigating Informatics Competencies of Community Paramedics: Delphi Study and Survey

Michael S. Dohan PhD (Candidate), Lakehead University
Norm Gale, Superior North EMS
Joseph Tan PhD, DeGroote School of Business McMaster University

Meaningful Use of IT to Transform Healthcare: What Differentiates Success from Failure?

Elizabeth A. Regan, University of South Carolina
Jumee Wang, University of South Carolina

Personal Characteristics, Privacy Concern, and Membership in Virtual Health Communities: An Empirical Study

Nima Kordzadeh, Idaho State University
John Warren

Social Media Use in Physician-Patient Interaction – A Fit Perspective

Ramakrishna Dantu
Jingguo Wang
RadhaKanta Mahapatra

Technology Adoption in Hospitals – The Roles of System Integration and Technology Support

Jun He

The Evolving Regulatory Framework for Health Information Technology in the U.S.

Ravi Behara
C. Derrick Huang
Jahyun Goo

Towards Understanding and Overcoming Hurdles in PDMS Projects in Germany

Marcus Laumann
Susanne Menges
Wieland Appelfeller