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An Empirical Study of Designing Simplicity for Mobile Application Interaction

Yi Wu, National University of Singapore
Klarissa T.T. Chang, Department of Information Systems, National University of Singapore, Singapore

An Examination of Ads and Viewing Behavior: An Eye Tracking Study on Desktop and Mobile Devices

Soussan Djamasbi, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Adrienne Hall-Phillips, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Ruijiao (Rachel) Yang, Hewlett-Packard Networking

An Icon Taxonomy for Semi-Literate Communities

Peng-Hui Maffee Wan, National University of Singapore
Ting Ting Klarissa Chang, National University of Singapore
Avijit Sengupta, National University of Singapore

Assessing Internet Source Credibility

Thomas F. Stafford, University of Memphis
Jason Rhea, University of Memphis
Robin Poston, University of Memphis

Design, Evaluation and Impact of Educational Olfactory Interfaces

Miguel Angel Garcia-Ruiz, Algoma University
Pedro Santana-Mancilla, University of Colima

Drive a Website Performance Using Web Analytics: A Case Study.

Constantinos K. Coursaris, Michigan State University
Wietske Van Osch, Information Management, University of Amsterdam, East Lansing, MI, United States.
Carolina Lopez-Nicolas, University or Murcia
Francisco-Jose Molina-Castillo, University of Murcia
Nicolas Rapp, Michigan State University

Information Visualization and Location-Based Services on Mobile Devices

Yimeng Deng, National University of Singapore
Klarissa Chang, National University of Singapore

Profiling Exploratory Browsing Behaviour with a Semantic Data Browser

Fan Yang-Turner, University of Leeds
Lydia Lau, University of Leeds
Vania Dimitrova, University of Leeds
Dhavalkumar Thakker, University of Leeds

The Effects of Fictitious Customer Testimonials across Different Cultures

Manjul Gupta, Iowa State University
Joey F. George, Iowa State University

The influence of emergent technologies on decision-making processes in virtual teams

Emma S. Nordbäck, Aalto University