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Estimating the quality of data using provenance: a case study in eScience

Joana E. Gonzales Malaverri, University of Campinas
Matheus S. Mota, University of Campinas
Claudia M. Bauzer Medeiros, University of Campinas

Factor Analysis of Critical Success Factors for Data Quality

Hongjiang Xu, Butler University

Information Governance Framework: The Defense Manufacturing Case Study

Tamara Tebaldi Lajara, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
Antonio Carlos Gastaud Maçada, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

Instant Standard Concept for Data Standards Development

Erwin Folmer, University of Twente & TNO, Enschede, The Netherlands
Istvan Zsolt Kulcsar, TNO, University of Twente
Jasper Roes, TNO