The affects associated with culture, the values inherent in cultures and the identification of cultural assumptions are popular topics in recent management and Information Systems (IS) research. The main focus in relevant IS research over the years, has been on the comparison of cultural artifacts in different cultural settings. Despite these studies we need to ask whether there is a general approach to how culture can be researched in a rigorous manner? What are the issues that arise in crosscultural research that have a bearing on decisions about a suitable research approach? What are the most appropriate methodologies to be used in cross-cultural research? Which is more appropriate, a qualitative, a quantitative or a mixedmethod research approach? This paper will discuss important considerations in the process of deciding on the best research approach for cross-cultural projects. A case study will be then be reported as an example revealing the merits of integrating qualitative and quantitative approaches followed by a thorough discussion on the issues which may arise during this process.