Healthcare: Entering the Green Energy Debate

Gary Hackbarth, Northern Kentucky University
Michael B. Pate, Texas A&M University


There has been discussion concerning the development of green technologies to preserve natural resources and improve the health and prosperity of human beings. The health risks of fossil fuels have long been understood as we convert to greener energy choices however some thought should be given to the health concerns of these newer technologies. Rather than look at green energy from the perspective of traditional tradeoffs, this study sought a holistic health perspective in understanding the impact on people and the environment from differing energy technologies. Without power to run hospitals, clinics, and medical machines, etc., healthcare would suffer. As energy becomes more expensive, healthcare will be drawn into the strategic debate on green energy. It was found that different technologies do impact people and the environment differently and that these differences should be considered as part of the strategic and political debate about the conversion to green energy technologies.