This study explores awareness and visitation of e-government websites among techno-disadvantaged citizens in the United States. Following up on on a community-based initiative, designed to stimulate computer literacy and access to information and communication technologies for residents and neighbors of an underserved public housing community, a survey of egovernment website awareness and visitation was undertaken. The results indicate that although nearly half of the respondents are neither aware of nor have visited e-government websites, the majority of respondents are partaking in egovernment services. The top categories of e-government website awareness and visitation are transportation, employment, recreation, and children’s services. The contribution of this research is to validate that benefits of e-government services can be brought to members and neighbors of a techno-disadvantaged community. We conclude by emphasizing the importance of the community-based initiative to foster awareness and visitation of e-government websites, thereby advancing egovernment inclusion.