A linguistic fuzzy model for e-risk assessment

Arunabha Mukhopadhyay, Indian Institute of Management Lucknow
Bhaba Mohanty, Indian Institute of Management Lucknow


Most businesses are plagued by electronic security risks, such as malicious hackers, viruses and DoS attacks, collectively known as e-risks. Such security breaches not only impact their operations, but also create loss of market capitalization and brand image. This in turn, impacts the top and bottom lines of the organizations. Security managers usually prefer to implement technological solutions to minimize these losses and secure their IT infrastructure. Further to it, we propose in this paper to use e-risk insurance as a complementary mechanism to the technological approaches. This is a new idea that is slowly gaining strength. We first explain the concept of e-risk, and also design a linguistic based fuzzy model to identify vulnerabilities and asses e-risk.