Although predictable output is desirable for most businesses, agriculture is behind other industries in the adoption of information technology. While precision agriculture provides a technological means for obtaining desirable goals such as product quality, labor cost, and product mix and market requirements, the dairy industry relies on semi-controlled environments. This paper describes the use of a current AgIS implemented by S.A.E. Afikim. We use the dairy industry to illustrate the role of AgIS in controlling the inputs and environmental parameters required to achieve the above mentioned business goals. Data was collected using open-end interviews with managers in the applied research and development, and marketing departments of S.A.E. Afikim (AfiMilk® system). Findings suggest that even though AfiMilk® utilizes current information technology and supports precision agriculture concepts, it is still a transactional system with some management support capabilities. At present, the AfiMilk® system partially supports loop-back capabilities, and strategic and long-term executive decision-making.