Information systems projects are undertaken by institutions due to perceived need and benefits that such systems promise. The understanding of users’ perception of ICT implementation enables organizations benefit from such investments. Although research on IS investments in developed nations abound, there is scare research on developing nations especially those south of the Sahara. This paper examined the success of electronic banking systems implementation in a developing nation environment. We evaluated users’ perception on seven dimensions of IS success using one national and one international bank. Our results show that users of both the national and international bank had high perception of IS implementations success although the Natbank’s responders had higher perception than IntBank’s responders on all seven dimensions. Further, the differences in users’ perception of information quality, system quality, information quality and intend to use/Use were statistically significant while the difference in user satisfaction and net benefits were not. While this study is exploratory in nature, the results provide a guide for further studies on success of IS implementation in developing nations.