A Specification and a Prototype for Integrating Time Management Workflow into Database Flow

Ghazi Alkhatib, Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Amman, Jordan


The objective of this paper is to build specifications for integrating time management workflow into database flow. Specifications employed UML standards using case use and class diagrams. A prototype is developed that links the two flows and provide statistics to analyze the system performance over time. The prototype involves the modeling of car service department operations. By linking the two types of flows, the system performance and customer satisfaction improve. Overall, time metrics were classified as productive and unproductive. The first one included preparation time for cars, decision time, repair time, and closing time. The latter one mainly includes waiting time for repair, parts, or mechanics. By storing time management data, historical data can be gathered and data mining analysis could be conducted on these data. This will permit better decisions on mechanics job assignment, part order, and managing unproductive time.