This study explored the service quality of ubiquitous mobile tour information, which has been emerging as a new solution in its integration with providing tour information services. with advancement of mobile technologies. The study also expanded on the effect of user’s perceived quality on enjoyment and usage intention. The demonstrative analysis result, from users’ firsthand interaction with the mobile tour information, led to classifications of ubiquitous tour information service quality; the classifications of four factors consisted of: ‘performance’, ‘information’, ‘design’, and ‘convenience’. While the design’ and ‘convenience’ factors did not have a significant impact, the ‘performance’ and ‘information’ factors had a significant impact on perceived enjoyment. The aforementioned four factors of service quality were proven to have impact on usage intention. Out of the four factors, ‘performance’ proved to have the highest impact on usage intention. Managerial implications based on the results are discussed.