Because Information Systems is an applied field, IS research should contribute to practice. Most academic journals require that authors describe what their research findings imply for managers in the field. But academic journals do not require presentation of the findings or their implications in a manner that readily leads to their dissemination within the practitioner community. In this tutorial we will explore how academic research can actually improve practice— in fact, we will assume that improving practice is the ultimate objective of academic research in our field. This tutorial is intended to help academic researchers recast their work for academic journals such as Sloan Management Review, California Management Review, and MISQ Executive, and others, which target a practitioner audience. Senior editors of MISQ Executive will share with participants their favorite examples of practice-based research. They will list the characteristics that make each article both insightful and “user-friendly.” We will share examples of research articles that led to changes in how managers approached their roles. The objective of the tutorial is to arm participants with examples of world class, practice-based research as well as a process for converting their research into valuable practitioner reading.