Ever wonder how Amazon.com works? You'll have a better idea when this workshop is over. Ever heard of web services? Ever seen them work? If you ever plan on working with, for, or against IT people, this workshop is for you. In this workshop you learn about and build real technologies that real companies are using in real situations. The focus of this workshop is on systems integration specifically building knowledge on top of the development skills learned in analysis, design, database, programming, and networks. Because interoperability was one of the guiding principles behind the Internet, web systems integration provides a strong technology base for integrating diverse applications. To highlight this interoperability and integration, the presentation illustrates Web Services, one of the ultimate integrated technologies on the Internet. This workshop is intended to teach faculty members who are interested in a web systems integration course for their departmental curriculum. The course is hands-on and requires attention to detail by instructor. From an instructor’s perspective, this course consistently has students from Information Systems, Computer Science, and Computer Engineering. This is useful for boosting departmental enrollments and creating connections between university departments. From a student’s perspective, the course consistently rates highly as useful for critical thinking, systems thinking, and job searching. This workshop illustrates the tenets of the course and points in the right direction for getting this course up and running.