The focus of this workshop is to provide training to faculty members on how to use the Laboratory for Innovative Technology and Engineering Education (LITEE; www.auburn.edu/research/litee) multimedia case studies in MIS classrooms. These materials have been successfully used in three Universities with about 2,500 undergraduate and graduate MIS students and have been developed as part of five National Science Foundation grants. The objectives of the instructional materials is for students to obtain basic training in MIS skills, integrate business skills with technical knowledge, enhance the decision-making skills, use principles of risk and cost management to solve problems, and to enhance teamwork among members thereby increasing productivity. These case studies have been used in “Introduction to MIS,” “Telecommunications Management,” “Introduction to Statistics,” “Providing Competitive Advantage through Information Technology,” “Integrating Engineering and Business Theories and Practice” and other courses. The methodology uses case studies from the textbook, “Information Systems in Enterprises: A Case Study Approach with CD-ROM Supplements,” available from Tavenner Publishers (www.etcases.com). The multimedia materials won the Premier Award for Excellence in Engineering Education Courseware. The methodology highlights integration of research into solving problems related to MIS and business issues and uses videos, photographs, and charts to bring the real-world issues into the classroom. Evaluation of the use of these materials in classrooms show that the students perceived increases in learning interest, learned by oneself, found the materials challenging, and learned from each other. Guidelines on how to apply for funding to develop and adopt such innovative instructional materials will also be shared with the participants.