The trend towards e-business is increasing the complexity of intra-organizational and inter-organizational processes. To accommodate these needs, organizations must integrate their services in real time to attract and maintain customers. In the last few years, process automation and management have become a central theme in many businesses. Research areas addressing problems in this domain include: electronic commerce, business process reengineering, enterprise application integration, knowledge process management, groupware, workflow automation, electronic markets, and computer supported collaborative work. These areas have unique research approaches, but have a common interest in advancing process automation to support intra-organizational and inter-organizational work in the Internet era. Consequently, there is a great need to bring together researchers with diverse backgrounds to discuss process-related topics. The objective of this workshop is to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners interested in process automation and management to meet and exchange research ideas and results. The workshop promotes a range of research issues, though not limited to: · Business process facilitation in distributed environments · Change management in highly automated business processes · Integration of business processes in both intra- and inter-enterprises · Methodologies and tools of process automation and management · Managing business processes on the Web · Process aware system security · Process centric model driven architectures · Process flexibility, interoperability, and scalability · Process-driven knowledge delivery · Theories of conceptual, logical, and physical process modeling · Wireless process management systems · Workflow automation and management for virtual enterprises · Workflow-centric component-based software engineering