The IS field needs more great reviewers. What is a great reviewer? In her June 2005 editorial for MIS Quarterly, Carol Saunders, the MISQ Editor in Chief, contrasts the "gatekeeper" reviewer – one who finds and surfaces "fatal flaws" in research – with the "diamond cutter" reviewer – one who polishes manuscripts so that the gems in it can surface and shine. Others have argued that a great reviewer is a champion for the paper to the journals editors – so that uncut diamonds are not lost to the field. Our field needs great reviewers of all these types (which, some would argue, are often found in the same great reviewer). This panel presents advice about how to become a great reviewer for IS journals from 4 reviewers who have been recognized as excellent reviewers by editors of various journals in the information systems field. Collectively they will present 12 key characteristics of good reviews, 12 key characteristics of a review process that will produce great reviews, and 4 very important golden rules of reviewing -- Dos and Don'ts. They will also distribute a list of suggested reading for those interested in learning more about how to improve their reviewing skills. During the Q&A period, audience members will be asked to write their questions down and submit them to the panel chair, who will moderate them. This should allow the maximum number of questions to be posed to the panel during a short period of time.