The Computing Accreditation Commission (CAC) has proposed changes in the structure of the criteria used to accredit information systems programs. The new structure combines so-called “general criteria,” criteria that apply to any computing program, and additional program criteria that apply to IS, IT, or CS programs. This new format allows an emergingcomputing- discipline (e.g., bioinformatics) program to apply for accreditation under the general criteria while the discipline matures to where model curricula develop. This new format begins to move criteria documents to outcome based statements. This session will discuss the new criteria structure, including the proposed general and program criteria, and the timetable for implementation of the new structure. Time will be devoted to Q&A regarding any aspect of IS program accreditation. The session will also discuss accrediting IS programs, overview the IS accreditation criteria and processes, discuss the pros and cons of accrediting IS programs, and review the internal and external steps of the process, identifying bottlenecks and problems and suggesting solutions.