This panel will present the final draft report of the Joint ACM/AIS Committee on the MS Curriculum in Information Systems. The committee, chaired by John T. Gorgone and Paul Gray, held several public meetings at AMCIS 2003, ICIS 2003, AMCIS 2004, IAIM/ICIS 2004, and ICECON 2004 to solicit feedback on proposed curriculum changes and to hear about the experiences of the MSIS community. We have listened to the MSIS community and have made modifications to the curriculum. The committee has conducted several virtual conferences, and met at Claremont Graduate University the spring of 2005 to develop the final draft Curriculum Guidelines for the remainder of this decade. The panelists are the members of the Committee and will be present to interact with the audience for feedback. Attendance and participation in this panel is particularly important for faculty in departments offering MS degrees in Information Systems. The publication target is January 2006.