The purpose of the workshop is to allow successful authors of theory building efforts to report their main findings on ongoing work and share the journeys they have taken in the craft of theory building within the IS field. In some cases, authors travel the journey alone, in others, they do so with the company of others, but they always do it with the company and help of the editors and reviewers. At ICIS and in other conferences, editors of top journals are often asked to sit on panels to address the issue of how to get papers published. Little do we learn from authors who have successfully navigated or are navigating through the review process, or about intellectual processes that unfold during review cycles. To that end, what we would like to accomplish with the workshop, which is organized like a Master class in playing musical instruments is to focus the discussion on what the workshop audience/participants can learn from authors as they struggle to push forward their thinking, to learn from senior editors and editorial board members of JAIS, who will comment on the presented work and all the others as recipients of a dialogue with putting forward ideas and getting editorial feedback. The AMCIS JAIS “master class” will include 4-5 presentations of research papers in progress (under review for JAIS special issue on theory development). These papers have already been reviewed and discussed in Washington DC at ICIS 2004, and they have also survived one round of reviews during spring 2005 for the special issue. The authors will be presenting revised papers based on the review feedback they received in May 2005. The presentations will outline the main content of the paper and address in detail how authors have addressed the main issues raised during the review. Then Senior editors will comment on the papers and also on the way in which the review comments have been addressed. The workshop will also include a panel at the end which will discuss main issues and challenges in dealing with reviews and addressing reviewers concerns. Articles that will be presented in the JAIS theory building Masterclass “Information System Flexibility and the Performance of Business Processes” Authors: Judith Gebauer and Fei Lee “Managing Flexibility in Business Process Outsourcing” Authors: Chengxun Tan and Siew Kien Sia “IS security design theory framework and six approaches to the application of IS security policies and guidelines” Authors: Mikko Siponen “Effective work practices for FLOSS development: A Model and Propositions” Authors: Kevin Crowston and Hala Annabi “Market Forces and Unbiased Electronic Markets: A Theoretical Framework” Authors: Nelson F. Granados, Alok Gupta, and Robert J. Kauffman