Enterprise Systems (ES) and other large software packages have become a critical component in most large and many medium and small-sized companies. These companies need employees with ES experience to help them install, extend, and achieve benefits from these systems. The challenges universities face in implementing an ES into a curriculum and in achieving educational benefits from such implementations differ from those of business organizations, but are no less difficult. This panel is designed to contribute to the ability of many more universities to provide a stimulating ES-based educational environment for students. It will address issues such as: ES educational objectives and audiences, ES-based skills for students, the ES software suites being used, ES textbooks, lab exercises and cases, technical infrastructure support issues, acquiring support and maintaining commitment from the school and its faculty, faculty resistance and how to overcome it, training the faculty, and achieving your ES educational objectives. This panel is composed of educators with many years of experience in providing an ES educational environment. They will present the lessons they learned from their experiences and will answer questions posed by the audience. For further information on their ES educational activities, see (Antonucci, Corbitt, Stewart and Harris, 2004; Corbitt and Mensching, 2000; Fedorowicz, Gelinas, Usoff and Hachey, 2004; Stewart, Tracy, Boykin, Najm, Rosemann, Carpinetti and Watson, 2002; Strong, Johnson and Mistry, 2004; Watson and Schneider, 1999).