AIS Council monitors social and technical trends that might affect the timeliness and relevance of IS curricula. Consequently, AIS Council charged the AIS VP for Education with developing a process to highlight the importance of these trends and to stimulate the development of education innovations to address them. The result is an AIS-sponsored awards competition (http://www.aisnet.org/award/awards.asp), first held in 2004. The call for submissions focused on the two themes of offshore outsourcing and software development innovations. A panel of expert judges made six awards— three awards of excellence and three honorable mentions. Members of five of the six winning teams appear on this panel. Panelists will address the following questions: · What was the origin of the innovation idea? · What support did you receive upfront for developing your innovation? · What barriers did you encounter in developing your innovation and how did you overcome them? · What learning or other benefits did you, your students, and your program experience from the innovation? · What other areas do you see where innovation in the IS curriculum is required? · What advice do you have for other IS educational innovators?