Investigating the fit of an information technology to a user’s task, known as task-technology fit (TTF), is a frequent focus of HCI/MIS research. In such research, “fit as moderation”, one of Venkatraman’s (1989) six conceptualizations of fit, is common. This conceptualization assumes two variables, e.g., task and technology, and an outcome variable. Task and technology, however, have multiple dimensions that should be considered when investigating fit. We examine three methods HCI/MIS researchers have used for augmenting the fit as moderation conceptualization for multiple dimensions. We propose and test a new method involving a single PLS model capturing the multiple dimensions of fit, which is more consistent with Venkatraman’s (1989) original conceptualization and statistical model for fit as moderation than those currently in the literature. Our method as compared against one method in the literature, using a separate model for each dimension, works at least as well.