Nowadays, terrorist organizations have found a cost-effective resource to advance their courses by posting high-impact Web sites on the Internet. This alternate side of the Web is referred to as the “Dark Web.” While counterterrorism researchers seek to obtain and analyze information from the Dark Web, several problems prevent effective and efficient knowledge discovery: the dynamic and hidden character of terrorist Web sites, information overload, and language barrier problems. This study proposes an intelligent knowledge management system to support the discovery and analysis of multilingual terrorist-created Web data. We developed a systematic approach to identify, collect and store up-to-date multilingual terrorist Web data. We also propose to build an intelligent Web-based knowledge portal integrated with advanced text and Web mining techniques such as summarization, categorization and cross-lingual retrieval to facilitate the knowledge discovery from Dark Web resources. We believe our knowledge portal provide counterterrorism research communities with valuable datasets and tools in knowledge discovery and sharing.