This cross-national study examines factors that impact eHealth infrastructure and usage growth. The independent variables in the study are: confidence in heath care system, perception of one’s state of health, per capita national expenditure in health, % of people belonging to voluntary organizations concerned with health, human development index, cost of health care per capital, and cost of health care per GDP (data gathered from World Value Survey (WVS), World Bank, United Nations, and World Health Organization (WHO) survey results). Data from a set of more than 40 nations involving nearly 8000 sites were gathered to allow analysis of factors encouraging the eHealth growth. The set of nations includes both developed and developing nations. Preliminary results suggest that confidence in health care system, voluntary health groups, GDP, human development, cost of health care per capita are significant in eHealth infrastructure -- explaining 32-54% of the variability of the eHealth infrastructure. Preliminary results also suggest that human development, infrastructure and perception of health are significant in eHealth usage -- explaining 45-52% of the variability of the eHealth usage.