We propose a knowledge-based entrepreneurial (KBE) approach for business intelligence in strategic technologies at industrial sectors. The KBE approach is at the convergence of business intelligence and knowledge management and is used for advising users in business decisions and potential risks. Our approach comprises both a technology roadmap model as well as a knowledge-based entrepreneurial portal for various technologies. We use the Biological-Micro-Electrical-and- Mechanical-Systems industry (Bio-MEMS) to illustrate the approach. The technology roadmap model identifies the main actors, defines their roles and specifies the issues to be addressed. It handles information about main products, market trends, companies, research centers, application domains, products, standardization, and intellectual properties issues. The portal provides knowledge about the main actors through automation facilities based on digital libraries, searching and knowledge extraction from databases, data-ware houses and the Web. We explain how the KBE is helping Bio-MEMS users in business analysis.