Nowadays Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is rather a technical problem than an organizational issue in enterprise systems. Due to the increased complexity of EAI processes, it is difficult to guarantee the information quality (IQ) without scientific process control. Information Quality Management (IQM) highlights the control of the business processes by resolving IQ problems through IQ definition, measurement, analysis and improvement. When considering EAI’s emphasis on the integration of business processes and the information flow within an enterprise, they are potentially mutually complementary for the IQ improvement. However, there are very few studies carefully examining IQ improvement in EAI processes, and complementary nature of IQM and EAI. By analyzing the challenges of EAI to IQ, and theoretical foundations of incorporating IQM into EAI processes, this study proposes a framework to effectively improve the IQ of EAI processes, and suggests six propositions for future research.