Enterprise information technology (IT) application systems are conceived and implemented to help organizations to reduce costs and improve efficiency. However, the continuously changing environment, competitive market, and emerging technology require IT application systems to be more agile to accommodate the changes. In this paper, we link the enterprise IT application technical agility (Byrd and turner, 2000) with organizational agility (Sambamurthy, Bharadwaj and Grover, 2003). We propose that IT application modularity, IT connectivity, and IT compatibility (IT application technical agility) affect customer agility, partnering agility and operational and decision making agility (organizational agility). Measurements for IT application technical agility and organizational agility, an empirical study design as well as data analysis method are discussed. This study extends our knowledge of agile enterprise IT applications and organizational agility. This study will also benefit practitioners by identifying how technical enterprise IT agility affects organizational agility.