The spread of mobile communication equipment offers new opportunities for disaster management referring to civilians. At the same time, location based services are regarded as privacy invading, and are regulated in many countries by specific legislation. We analyze the requirements of a LBS-based disaster management scenario that enables the timely notification of civilians. In addition, we propose a solution for building a privacy-friendly, multilaterally secure disaster management infrastructure based on robust mobile phone infrastructures with high reachability of citizens. We will also point out additional features based on mobile networks. Traditionally, disaster management is a government domain. We will propose another option to implement and run disaster management. We analyze in how far an early warning system could be profitable for the insurance sector. Our comments will sketch that it is possible to reach a large number of persons, avoid insurance damage, and save costs in disaster warning systems. This work was supported by the IST PRIME project; however, it represents the view of the authors only.